Organizing committee

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The Organizing Committee chairs for the 38th Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium are shown below. There are volunteer opportunities for DCASS; if interested, please contact the General Chair.

Position Chairs
General Chair Rich Snyder (AFRL/RQ)
Deputy Chair Rich Anthony (AFRL/RQ)
Technical Program Rich Anthony (AFRL/RQ)
  Eric Swenson (AFIT)
Art In Science Paul Kreitzer (AFRL/RQ)
  Ryan Schmit (AFRL/RQ)
Corporate Sponsorship Sivaram Gogineni (Spectral Energies)
Exhibits and Displays Mike Brown (AFRL/RQ)
  James Joo (AFRL/RQ)
Keynote Ed Alyanak (AFRL/RQ)
  Jay Rutledge (AFIT)
Publications Travis Michalak (AFRL/RQ)
  Levi Elston (AFRL/RQ)
Registration Amy Lynch (AFRL/RZ)
  Scott Sherer (AFRL/RQ)
Venue and Gifts Beth Huelskamp (AFRL/RQ)
  Vince Belovich (AFRL/RQ)
Website Tim Leger
  Rich Snyder (AFRL/RQ)