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The symposium relies on corporate sponsors for financial support that helps to keep registration costs low and to help us recognize the award winners. The section currently offers three levels of participation, platinum ($1000), gold ($500), and silver ($250). If interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Sivaram Gogenini.

Platinum Level Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors

Spectral Energies
DCASS 2011 Sponsor Logos
Spectral Energies, LLC, a small business company headquartered in Dayton, OH, is specialized in gas turbine propulsion, laser diagnostics and sensors, aerodynamics, flow control, aero-acoustics, aero-optics, and wind tunnel studies. Its scientists and engineeers utilizes advanced technologies in optics, photonics, active sensing, and numerical modeling to solve real-world problems encountered in thermal-fluid, energy, propulsion, and air vehicle systems.

Silver Level Sponsors