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This content is associated with the 2009-2010 period.

Explosion in space

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Slow motion video of the chaos of a latex balloon burst at 93,000 ft. Lighting effects are caused by the dynamics of the package rotating relative to the sun. The blackness of space can be seen, as this happened above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Video from the payload of an experiment launched by the Wright State University High Altitude Balloon team. More info at: http://www.cs.wright.edu/balloon.

Understanding vortex formation of biolocomotion in nature

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This video is of a direct numerical simulation (DNS) of unsteady vortex formation of a dragonfly in take-off flight. The dragonfly kinematics were reconstructed from data that was collected using 3 High-Speed Cameras to record the motion in a 3-axis coordinate system.

Death throes of a micro-pulsed plasma thruster

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The video depicts the spark formation of a Micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster as the thruster ceases to operate properly. The video is taken at 1 million frames per second. For scale, the thruster is only 3.1 mm in diameter.

Detonation diffraction

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A stably propagating detonation wave transitioning around a corner. The top video is a peak pressure histogram which shows the cellular structure of the transverse waves. The middle video is the instantaneous pressure and third video is the instantaneous temperature. Note the explosion that occurs in the bottom left corner that reignites the detonation.

2009 Awards Banquet

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An album containing 72 images.

These photographs were taken at the 2009 joint awards banquet for the AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section and the ASME Dayton Section.

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