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Flower Powered Hypersonic Inlet with Bleed Perforations

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Mach (top) and pressure (bottom) contours for axisymmetric Busemann inlet with evenly spaced bleed perforations along length of inlet. Images show changes in Mach and pressure contours as a function of inlet length ranging from inlet start (left) and inlet throat (right). Contours were produced via Cart 3D, an inviscid code for automated CFD.

Soot Spirals

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The photograph highlights soot formation and transport in a laminar, bluff-body-stabilized flame. The flame is stabilized on a centerbody where ethylene fuel flows from a jet at the center, and reacts with the air that flows around the edge of the centerbody.

Awaiting Convergence

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Toroidal blue flame ring

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The image shows a Toroidal Blue ring flame that forms around the main flame immediately downstream of the bluff centerbody. The fuel for the flame is an ethylene/nitrogen mixture. This blue ring flame exhibits a slight oscillation in the vertical direction. The blue color is attributed to CH-radicals.

You Don't Have to Be Cool to Smile

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Ultra-compact combustor infrared heat signature.

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