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This content is associated with the DCASS Art-in-Science competition.

Sunflower - Grown at UC

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This image is vertically aligned Carbon Nanotube arrays which was grown at University of Cincinnati.

A Man with Nanohair

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Nanotubes (nanohair) grown on carbon fiber (Man's forehead). The scanning electron microscope (SEM) image (15.0kV, 10.0k, WD: 8.0mm) was obtained using a Hitachi S-4800 HR-SEM at NEST, University of Dayton.

Fingerprints of High-Temperature Attack of Sodium Vapor onto Quartz Surface

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Sudden boiling of liquid sodium (b.p. = 1156 K at 1 atm) inside the all quartz-made smelting/evaporation chamber results in condensation and high-temperature reaction of sodium vapor with the inner wall surface. The attack and reaction becomes more aggressive with increasing vapor temperature. The condensation "fingerprints" express different color bands from silver, metallic, milky, brown, orange, red, and black with increasing level of the sodium attack and reaction on the surface.

Art-in-Science competition

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The following image, submitted by Lt Robert Fievisohn of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT/ENY), won 1st place in the 35th Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium (DCASS) Art-in-Science competition (Image category).

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