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Detonation diffraction

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A stably propagating detonation wave transitioning around a corner. The top video is a peak pressure histogram which shows the cellular structure of the transverse waves. The middle video is the instantaneous pressure and third video is the instantaneous temperature. Note the explosion that occurs in the bottom left corner that reignites the detonation.

Surprise Twist

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A video of particles passing over a plunging airfoil, modeled using a 2D unsteady vortex particle method.


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The image shows a smokefoil record of a two-dimensional detonation transitioning from a pre-detonator to a thrust tube for a pulse detonation engine. The transition was successful since the detonation re-ignited off the walls at the beginning of the thrust tube. The smokefoil record is generated by taking a pressure histogram of the transient data.

Detonation flame fronts from pulse detonation engine - 1 microsecond

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Blue diagonal streaks are the transverse waves that create the cellular structure of a detonation. Heat release rate/m2 is ~ 80 times greater than surface of sun.


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This is an image showing the phi meridonal angle on the blades of the compressor. The iso-surface displayed is of phi-meridon. The compressor is overlapped showing pressure on the blades as well as relative streamwise velocity.

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